eyelash extensions:
I use only the safest medical grade adhesive and sterile lash extensions, and tools.

I also offer colored, gemmed and glittered extensions.



Long, full lashes no longer have to be something you're born with.  Eyelash Extensions have now gone mainstream, can make you look younger and minimizes the need to apply make up. Eyelash Extensions are 100% waterproof so you can jump into a lake or pool without the mess of mascara.

The best part about Eyelash Extension is that you always wake up looking Fabulous.


I am a award winning Lash Extensions Specialist. Certified by LashForever, Richard Mar Advanced School, Nova Beauty, Micha and Martier Beauty School of Aesthetics. I have over five years experience and offer easy on-line booking for my services. I am a professional Lash artist and work with color, glitter and longer thicker "tabo" extensions that most Eyelash Technicians don't dear to use. Your Fabulous set will always be one of a kind with my hidden gem signature on the right eye .   


  I work in the comfort of  my home in Victoria, B.C.

  My SMALL DOG and CHILD friendly clean atmosphere is a relaxing vibe for those who need to take some time for themselves.


Hope to meet you soon! :-)  



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